The Algorithmic Modular System (1) is comprised of base layers (10), components (100) and extra components (1000). These numeric values draw inspiration from Tao Te Ching, written by Laozi, the founder of Taoism. In the 42nd chapter it says "道生一一生二二生三三生万物" which means "Tao breeds one, one breeds two, two breeds three, and three breeds everything". In this ancient philosophy, Taozi explains how everything in the world is formed, from nothing to one, from one to many. The Algorithmic Modular System [AMS], created by JE CAI, follows the same ideology, from one system it breeds infinite possibilities. To assemble your products, attach and detach Basics (10), Components (100) or Extra Components (1000) by using the fastening mechanisms located on the connecting points. From zippers to buttons, these fastening mechanisms are elegant in design and allow you to personalise your own uniform.

  • 1 System

    This is the system (1) in which the Algorithmic Modular System [AMS] exists. Within the same system (1), Basics (10), Components (100) and Extra Components (1000) are interchangeable. You can personalize your uniform by changing the fabric, color and shape.

  • 10 Basic

    The Basic (10) is the foundation of your product, onto which you can connect your Components (100) by using the fastening mechanism.

  • 100 Component

    Component (100) is the side panel of your product. This piece allows you to build on your base layer (10). Combine components of your choice and experiment whilst constructing your personalised uniform.

  • 1000 Extra Component

    Enhance your individual style by adding Extra Components (1000). You can choose long sleeves, short sleeves and more – limitless iterations are possible. Attach and detach Extra Components (1000) to suit your individual preferences.

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