JE CAI challenges the status quo, by combining systematic formulations with erratic expression. Through an exploration into the modern paradox, where conformity and individuality coexist, JE CAI products create an open dialogue between the designer and wearer.

Using tonal colours and high-quality fabrics, JE CAI explores the relationship between conflict, chaos and order. Founded by Jiaen Cai, after graduating from London College of Fashion and the Royal College of Art, he combines influences from his upbringing in China with Western methodology. Since graduating, he has gained experience at Alexander Wang, Claire Barrow, Mattew Miller, Xander Zhou and won the international 2019 ITS Fashion@Work by illy Award.

Drawing inspiration from architecture, and using a Product Design approach, Jiaen applies several disciplines to his designs. Combining design innovation with his attention to detail, the brand presents a collection of base layers and components. These components are interchangeable using the JE CAI Algorithmic Modular System [AMS], allowing products to be engineered to form individual expression. To Jiaen, who is intrigued by Sociology and Technology, the brand generates an opportunity for radical change within a controlled environment. Using this [AMS] system, limitless iterations are possible by utilising the fastening mechanisms provided on each base layer (10), component (100) and extra component (1000).AMS system allows us to have a sustainable approach to fashion ,new collection components can still match with old collection components, reducing the amount of waste created.

Experimental and rebellious in its nature, JE CAI products are tailored for the modern intellectual.

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